2 Chronicles 1

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Old Testament

1 O hai. Sowlomen can has minions, cuz Ceiling Cat lets him has cheezberger.

2 2 billion minions. Sowlomen can has dem. Srsly.

3 Sowlomen tooks minions to Gibeon wer Hole in Ceiling is (Mosus maed Hole in Ceiling 4 Ceiling cat in backyard).

4 But urlier, Sowlomens dad Dave was liek 'Im in ur base takin ur ark of Ceiling Cat and puttin in Kiriath-jearim.' and puts it in difurnt Hole in Ceiling. Daves minions were liek 'LOL! LOL!'

5 Is big bowl under first Hole in Ceiling and Sowlomen and his minions were liek 'Wers it at? lol'. Bazalel made it with teh bronze, his dad Hur is liek 'WTF Bowl? lmao'

6 Sowlomen sez 'Der it is.' n putted teh tunas in teh bowl (1000 tunas).

7 L8r, Ceiling Cats comes and sez 'OMG 1000 tunas ftw' n he eats dem. Sez 'Want preznits?'

8 Sowlomens liek 'U gived Dad cheezeberger, and gived me minions...'

9 '...n u gived Dad liek 99 l3wts, and t3h fake car...', n Ceiling cat was liek 'lol', n Sowlomen was liek 'lol'

10 '...halp me grind my INT n WIS stats so I can has MOAR minionses.'

11 Ceiling Cats liek '1337. I thot u wanted golds, and itums, and wpnz and more HP, and a guildhall...'

12 '...I wil halp u lvl. And heres 2 billion golds, maybe 4'

13 Then Sowlomen went home. Ppl was liek 'Sowlomen ftw'

14 He sez 'Capture/buy horseses and rhinoses and put them liek evrywhere'

15 He sez 'Evry1 can has cookie n cheezberger!'. Evry1s liek 'w00tz0rz'

16 Minions went 2 Egypt n wer liek 'WTB horses n rhinos'. Egypt wuz liek 'WTS horses'. Minions wer liek '80g ea?' Egypt wuz liek 'AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA 600g ea'. D00d named 'Q' wuz liek 'WTS rhinos 150g ea.'. Minions r liek 'want all u hav'

17 They has horses n rhinos 4 cheep so many dat Sowlomen sells som 2 frendz.

2 Chronicles 1
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