1 Samuel 12

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Old Testament
1 Samuel 12
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1 Kk, so liek Saul havs many yrs of lief and raynin over teh Israelites.2 Den wun dai he ch00sed 3000 manz of teh homeland: 2000 manz hoo wer in ur highlandz of Bethel, supportin ur Saulz at Michmash, an 1000 from ur Geba of Benjamin, liffin wiv ur Jonathanz. All teh othr ppl, dey all goez back to der tentz.

3 Jonathan waz kil teh Philistine governat0r at Gibeah, an teh Hebrewz telled teh Philistinez, "we revloltin!". Saul blowd on teh trumpet in hole contry, srsly,4 teh Israelitez herd teh trumpet and wer liek, "O noes! Saul has pwnd teh governat0r, now teh Philistinez be chargin' der laz0rz!" Tey all goez two Gilgal an support Saul.5 Isrealitez waz liek, "K, srsly gais, we scrooed big tiem", so all teh kittehs hidin' in teh holez an teh cavez an stuff.6 Sum waz liek "REELY DO NOT WANT!" an crosed teh waterz of Jordan an goed in Gad an Gilead.

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