1 Peter 4

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New Testament

Livin 4 God!

1 There4, since christ sufferd in his body, arm yourselvez also wif teh same attitude, cuz he hoo has sufferd in his body iz dun wif sin.2 as result, he doez not liv teh rest ov his earthly life 4 evil hooman desirez, but rathr 4 da will ov ceilin cat.3 4 u has spent enough tiem in da past doin wut paganz choose 2 do - livin in debauchery, lust, drunkennes, orgiez, carousin an detestable idolatry.4 They finkz it strange dat u do not plunge wif them into teh same flood ov disipashun, an they heap abuse on u.5 Butt they will has 2 giv akownt 2 him hoo iz ready 2 judge teh livin an teh ded.6 For dis ar teh teh reason teh gospel wuz preachd even 2 dose hoo r nao ded, so dat they mite be judgd accordin 2 doodz in regard 2 teh body, but liv accordin 2 ceilin cat in regard 2 teh spirit.7 The end ov all things iz near. Therefore be clear mindd an self-controlld so dat u can pray.8 Aboov all, luv each othr deeply, cuz luv covers ovar multitude ov sins.9 Offr hospitality 2 wan anothr without grumblin.10 Each wan shud use whatevr gift he has receivd 2 serve others, faithfully administerin ceilin cats grace in itz various forms.11 If anyone speakz, he shud do it as wan speakin teh vry werdz ov ceilin cat. If anyone servez, he shud do it wif teh strength ceilin cat providez, so dat in all things ceilin cat cud be praisd thru jebus christ. 2 him be teh glory an teh powr 4 evr an evr. Amen.

I Can Has Suffering???

12 Dear frenz, do not be surprisd at teh painful trial u r sufferin, as though somethin strange wuz happenin 2 u.13 Butt rejoice dat u participate in da sufferings ov christ, so dat u cud be overjoyd when his glory iz reveald.14 If u r insultd cuz ov teh naym ov christ, u r blesd, 4 da spirit ov glory an ov ceilin cat rests on u.15 If u suffr, it shud not be as murderr or thief or any othr kind ov criminal, or even as meddlr.16 Butt, if u suffr as christian, do not be ashamd, but praize ceilin cat dat u bear dat naym.17 For it tiem 4 judgment 2 begin wif teh pplz ov ceilin cat; an if it begins wif us, wut will teh outcome be 4 dose hoo do not obey teh gospel ov ceilin cat?18 And, "if it hard 4 da righteous 2 be savd, Wut will become ov teh ungodly an teh sinnr?"[a]19 Do den, dose hoo suffr accordin 2 ceilin cats will shud commit themselvez 2 their faithful creator an continue 2 do gud.

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1 Peter 4
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