1 Kings 17

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Old Testament
Elikhat Fed Bai Dem Rabeens

1 An Elikhat him clan wif Tishkite, lives in Gilyad, seid to Ahab teh bad big kitteh, "Ceiling Cat nof hapee wif yu an kittehz. him meyk no spreenkol an giv thirst in dis yeer!"

2 An Ceiling Cat seid toh Elikhat:3 Flee meh slave-kitteh, go kitteh toh east an hyd neer bai teh small stream wotr.4 Un dat pleyz yu drink in small stream wotr, an ai hav told dem rabeens toh giv yu fud.5 Gud kitteh Elikhat obei an went der.6 Dem rabeens giv cookies in sunryz an cookies in sunset. Teh pur gud kitteh sip teh wotr on small stream wotr.

Teh Widoe at Zarephath

7 Den teh small stream wotr now haf drie. no spreenkol in teh land.8 Ceiling Cat whisperd to Elikhat:9 Him catwalk to Zarephath of Sidon an der yu stay. Ai aksd a widoe slave-kitteh toh giv yu cookies.10 Him gud kitteh catwalks to Zarephath an met teh widoe slave-kitteh. Den kitteh aproach teh widoe an aksd for sip ov wotr.11 Teh widoe giv wotr, also cookies her giv gud kitteh.12 Widoe kitteh sed toh gud kitteh, wut evr yu sed com from Ceiling Cat, ai wil obei but ai an meh onlei kitten hav flour. dem few nof enuf gud for tow ov us. meh an kitten mey starv toh deth an famin.13 Elikhat sed toh widoe,pur kitteh, be nof afreid. Catwalk toh yuz kitteh basket. but meyk a tayne cookie toh meh tooh.14 Becoz teh Ceiling Cat sed toh meh, dem hav famin an sufer, yuz flour wil beh enuf toh yu an yuz kitten, yu wil nof starve toh deth til teh famin wil ovr.15 Teh pur kitteh went toh her kitteh basket an meyk a cookie an teh flour was nof used up. Dem has cookie toh Elikhat teh widoe an her kitten.16 Teh was stil der, an dat teh word ov teh Ceiling Cat was fulfild.17 One dey, teh widoe's onlei kitten got ill an died.18 Pur widoe kitteh sed toh Elikhat, "Meh had done samting nof ryt toh yu Good Kitteh? did yu catwalk hir toh remynd meh ov myne invisible error an tuk meh onlei kitten?"19 Giv meh yu kitten, Elikhat sed. Gud kitteh climb toh a tree an him wif teh kitten.20 Him shout out to teh Ceiling Cat an sed, famin to tis land an sufer, wai tuk teh pur kitten an meyk sad teh widoe?21 Elikhat leyd teh kitten on teh branch ov tree an shouted from one toh three, "Ceiling Cat wake kitten up! mercy beh!"22 Ceiling Cat herd gud kittehs plea, an teh kitten wok up.23 Den, Elikhat an teh kitten climb down teh tree an catwalk to teh widoe.24 Trulee der yu ar a gud slave-kitteh ov teh Ceiling Cat! wat yu reely sey him tru!, sed teh widoe.

1 Kings 17
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