1 Kings 15

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Old Testament
Abijam Rulez in Judah

1 In teh eighteenth yar uv King Jeroboam teh son uv Nebat, Abijam becaem king uv Judah.2 Him ruld tree yars in Jerusalem. Him mommeh's naem wuz Maachah teh granddaughtr uv Abishalom.3 An him wuz just as ebil as him daddeh; him wuz not peeps wif Ceiling Cat liek him daddeh David wuz.4 But fer David's saek Celing Cat gaev him a lamp in Jerusalem, by setting up him son after him and by maeking Jerusalem;5 becaus David did wat wuz rite in teh eyez uv Ceiling Cat except fer when him had Uriah teh Hittite pwnd to get to him wief.6 An der wuz war between Judah and Israel all teh daiz uv him lief.7 Nao teh rest uv teh actz uv Abijam, and all him did, iz wroted in teh buk uv teh chroniclez uv teh kingz uv Judah. And all teh war in him daiz tew.

8 So Abijam slept wif him daddehs, and dey bureed him in teh Citeh uv David. Den him son Asa tuk him plaec.

Asa Rulez in Judah

9 In teh twentieth yar uv Jeroboam teh king uv Israel, Asa becaem king uv Judah.10 And him ruld forty-oen yars in Jerusalem. Him grandmommeh's naem wuz Maachah teh granddaughter uv Abishalom.11 Asa did wut wuz rite in teh eyez uv Ceiling Cat, liek him daddeh David.12 And him maed teh pervertz uv teh land go awai, and tuk out all teh idulz him daddeh maed.13 Also him removd Maachah him grandmommeh frum being queen mommeh becaue her maed a dirteh imaeg uv Asherah. And him cut down her dirteh imaeg an burnd it by teh Brook Kidron.14 But teh hi plaecs were not remoevd. But Asa's hart wuz loyal to Ceiling Cat all him daiz.15 Him also brot into teh hous uv Ceiling Cat teh tingz dat him daddeh had dedicatd, and teh tingz dat him hisself had dedicatd;: silvr and gold and utensilz.

1 Kings 15
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