1 John 4

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New Testament

1 Deer frenz, do not bleev every invisible cat, but giv em quizzes liek in sk00l lol 2 see if tehy r from Ceiling Cat, bcuz lotsa fake profits iz gone into teh wurld.2 Yu can tell teh Hover Cat is tehere n from Ceiling Cat if teh invisible cat sez taht Baby Jesus iz come in teh flesh from Ceiling Cat. Win.3 but evry invisible cat taht sez Baby Jesus iz not from Ceiling Cat is teh ebil. Theze invisible catz iz $ANTICHRIST invisible catz. Fail. I tole u iz coming n is already heer. Srsly. U tihnk mebbe $ANTICHRIST teh d00d in teh Left Behind bookz but tehy rly invisible catz n heer right now! OH NOES!1!!114 U, deer kittehz, r from Ceiling Cat n pwn teh $ANTICHRIST invisible cat bcuz teh 1 in u (tahtz baby Jesus) pwns teh 1 in teh world (tahtz ebil $ANTICHRIST invisible cat). Win.5 teh ebil $ANTICHRIST invisble catz iz from teh wurld n talkz liek teh wurld seez n teh wurld lissenz 2 em.6 We r from teh Ceiling Cat n catz taht kno teh Ceiling Cat lissen 2 us; but teh catz not from Ceiling cat do not lissen. Tahtz how we know teh invisible cat taht tellz u true n teh invisible cat taht tells u liez.

7 Frenz, letz b luvin each uvver wif hugz n purrz n cheezburgrz n stuffz 4 teh luv come from teh Ceiling Cat. All teh cats who luv haz been bornded uv teh Ceiling Cat n knos teh Ceiling Cat.8 Teh catz taht do not luv do not kno teh Ceiling Cat bcuz teh Ceiling Cat is teh luv.9 This is how teh Ceiling Cat showz us hiz luv: he sendz hiz 1 n only kitteh (tahtz baby Jesus, n00b!) down from teh ceiling so catz ken live thru him.10 Tihs is teh luv: not taht we luvz teh Ceiling Cat (we doez!), but taht he luvs us and sendz us hiz kitteh to get killded 4 our invisible errors n maded tehm go awai now kthxbai.

11 Deer frenz, since teh Ceiling Cat luvz us, we shld srsly luv each uvver 2, k?12 No cat haz seended teh Ceiling Cat, but if we luvz each uvver teh Ceiling Cat lives in our ceiling n hiz luvz is made full in us.13 We kno taht we live in him n h livez in us bcuz he sez we can haz Hover Cat.14 N we haz seen n sez taht teh Pa (tahtz Ceiling Cat) haz sended hiz Kitteh (tahtz baby Jezuz) to save teh wurld.15 Any cat taht sez Baby Jesus is teh Kitteh uv teh Ceiling Cat, teh Ceilng Cat move in wif dat cat. Srsly.16 N so we kno n relai on teh luv Ceiling Cat haz 4 us. Ceiling Cat is teh luv. Teh catz taht live in teh luv live in teh Ceiling Cat n teh Ceiling Cat livez in him.

17 In tihs way, teh luv is made rly full in teh catz so tehy getz all fat wif teh cheezburgrz n cookiez n stuffz taht teh Ceiling Cat sez tehy can haz.. N on teh day wen Baby Jesus grade teh invisible test we srsly n roll leik a 20 bcuz in tihs wurld we b liek baby Jesus.18 Tehre iz no bein skeered in luv. Perfick luv send teh skeer awai bcuz bein skeered iz about bein pwned. Teh 1 who is skeered iz not made perfick in luv (cuz Ceiling Cat in him n Ceiling Cat pwnz, member?) bcuz taht 1 knos hez not gettin pwned.19 We luv bcuz teh Ceiling Cat luvvded us frst n sez we can haz cheezburgrz.20 Any cat taht sez "I luv teh Ceiling Cat luvluvluv him" n hatez hiz bro, he liez. Fail. 4 any cat taht hatz hiz bro taht he seez, cant luv teh Ceiling Cat whoz invisible.21 N he sez 2 us: "If u luvz teh Ceiling Cat u must luv ur bro." n stop fitin over teh cheezburgrs srsly! Kittehs!

1 John 4
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