1 John 1

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New Testament
Word of Lief

1 K so thsi iz bout Word of Lief whihc waz from beginin n we herd n saw wiht ar aiz n tuchd wiht ar pawz2 An Lief waz reveeld, n we saw n wer liek "OMG LOOK AT" n we dugg it n rote in hedlien "ETEARNL LIEF WIT FAHTER AND WAZ REVEELD 4 US!!!1"3 No Rly, It tru!!! We hangd owt wit him an was coolz! :D4 Is ROFLCOPTER awsom! So u shood be happy liek we ar!!

Ceiling Cat is lyte

5 Baby Jebus sais Ceiling Cat is made of lyte and win, he has 0 failz.6 If you sez u be down wit Ceiling Cat but has failz, u dont has no wins for realz and ar failzing.7 But if u be down wit Ceiling Cat and haz win, you can has baff wit Baby Jeezuz and cleaneded all ur failz n eevlz.8 you all has evulz an 0 truths.9 If u tel the Ceiling Cat bout ur evulz and he will be leik "OK datz kewl. U hav baff now."10 If u sais u not can has failz, ur a liar! Donut be lien to da Ceiling Cat!

1 John 1
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