1 Corinthians 6

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New Testament

Guud kittehs doan sue

1 If two of u haz a fiet, why u goez to teh courtz? Dey is full of bad peeplz.2 Teh saintz will juj teh world. N u goin be saintz. So u can juj ur own argumentz DUH.3 U iz evn gonna juj hovr d00dz.4 So insted of fietin, aks sum d00d in teh church to settlz it for u.5 U should be embarast.6 Insted ur in teh unbeleevrz courtz, makin foolz of urselvz.

7 If u suez each othr, u alredy looz! Why not u be rongded insted? Why not u be cheeted insted?8 Now u cheat n do rongz urselvz. U do it to ur brotherz too!

9 Bad peeplz duz not get to join Ceiling Cat's kingdm! U knows dis! Peeplz who do bad thingz dont get to join, there are lotz of bad things, I forgetted them all LOL.10 Dere sure iz lotz of kindz of bad peeplz.11 Sum of u wuz evn liek dat. But Jebus maed u OK.

Seckx haz rools too!

12 Evrithing is tasty, but not evrithing is good for me. Evrithing is tasty, but num-numz won't mastr me.13 "Cookies for teh tummi, n teh tummi for cookies" - but Ceiling Cat will destroi bofe of dem. Teh bodi iz for Ceiling Cat, n Ceiling Cat for teh bodi.14 Ceiling Cat makeded teh ded liv, n he wil do us too.15 If u thinkz about it, ur bodiez is liek Christ's armz an legz. What if I taeks Christ's armz n legz n putz dem togethr wif a h00kr? Liek Frankenhookr? DO NOT WANT!16 If u iz wif a hookr, u is joinded wif her bodi. Liek it sez, "Teh two wil becom wun bodi." Creepi.17 So be wun wif Ceiling Cat instedz.

18 Don't do teh badz harblez. Othr bad thingz iz bad enufz but dey iz outsied teh bodi. Bad harblez duz rong to ur bodi.19 Teh Hovr Cat iz in u, makin ur Ceiling Cat's tempul. U belongz to Ceiling Cat20 bcz he boughted u. So treet ur bodi riet for him.

1 Corinthians 6
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