1 Chronicles 22

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Old Testament

1 Tehn David sayed, Tihs is teh temple/base of teh CeilingCat, and tihs is teh litterbox of the burnted offerings for Izrael.

Plan 4 CeilingCat's Temple!!!1

2 David also sayed 4 al teh kittehs in Izreal 2 cum build teh temple of Ceiling Cat.3 David got lotsa irons for teh nails for teh cat flaps and moar metalz than all teh alley kittehs can lift.4 Tehn teh kittehz were bringin David scratchign posts to build teh temple wit.5 David thoughted, "Teh Ceiling Cat House taht my kitteh Solomon is will build will be better den teh bestest fish in da Urfs. But he is still littel kitteh so i has 2 get ready 4 it."

6 Kitteh Solomon hafs to build house 4 Ceiling Cat,7 cuz his daddeh David wanted 2, but he8 killed 2 many n00bs in hiz lyfe an he wasnt alowed too build it.9 But Ceiling Cat telled David dat his kitteh Solomon would r00l Izreal and giv Izreal peece.10 Ceiling Cat also telled David dat Solomon will rule Israel 4ever.

11 David sed 2 Solomon dat Ceiling Cat will hlep him maek teh temple.12 Ceiling Cat will also halp David ruel Izrael.13 David sed, "Solomon! if u obey teh r00lz dat Ceiling Cat gived to Moses, u is be successful.14 O luk i has sum gold n silverz! maek teh temple outta taht. Plus i has bronze n iron n a bit o' woods n stone, but i eated most of it already.15 OMGWTFBBQ u has lotsa n00bs 2 work 4 u!!!16 Build teh temple now! Ceiling Cat b wit u."

17 David told teh leederz of Izreal to halp wit teh templez.18 He said: "Ceiling Cat is wit u!19 Maek teh temple now so u can put it in litter box of Ceiling Cat wit all otehr holey thiengs!!!

1 Chronicles 22
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